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 What's in a name?

The Boeing Integrated Defense Systems facility in Anaheim, Calif., has been called many things since North American Aviation purchased 80 acres in east Anaheim for use as a radar test facility in 1959.

In 1967, North American Aviation merged with Rockwell Standard and changed its name to North American Rockwell Corp. The company name was changed again in 1973 to Rockwell International Corp.

And in 1996, The Boeing Company acquired the Anaheim facility as part of the purchase of Rockwell's aerospace and defense units. At one time, the Anaheim population was more than 30,000. Today's population across all businesses is 3,600.

Over the years, many employees have spent major portions of their careers at and retired from the various incarnations of this aerospace facility. In 1996, a small group of retirees of the Anaheim facility decided to get together periodically to maintain friendships made during their years at Anaheim. This small group has evolved over the years to the North American/Rockwell/Boeing Alums of Anaheim. (NRBAofA for short.)  While the primary purpose of the group remains social,  the size of the group has increased to a several hundred person mailing list and the scope of the meetings has been expanded to include occasional speakers of general  or specific interest to the NRBAofA community as well as keeping the group aware of what is going on in Boeing in general and Boeing Southern California in particular. This web site has been developed to provide a location where a wide range of information of interest to NRBofA members may be found.  Information in this site can be accessed using the tabs at the top of the page with content as summarized below;

Meeting Information - This page contains information on details and location of the lunch meetings as well as how to be included in the mailing list for invitations to attend the meetings.

News - News about Boeing, news of past meetings of particular interest and news of the NRBAofA members.

History - Information and photos on the history of the Anaheim complex.

Useful Information - Facts, contacts and links that may be useful to NRBAofA members.

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